Providing Services for veterans

As a premier provider of services for Veterans Affairs, we have more than 35 contracts that provide life-changing services for Veterans and their families. These contracts range from memorial service tracking to pharmacy records management to automating disability ratings. All of these services are a huge benefit to the end users helping to streamline applications, processes, and information which in turn helps the Veterans and their families through all of the documentation and processes that are required for claims, payments and tracking of all of their needs. Some specific examples of contracts include our modernization and improvement of the delivery of benefits to the national Veteran population. This software platform implements predictive models to rate disability claims.

Another example is our Memorial Benefits Management System which supports the transformation of the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) business in order to improve the access and efficiency of Veteran memorial benefits delivery, improve end-user functionality, improve data quality, enhance tracking of Veterans case status, enable remains tracking chain of custody capability and increase customer satisfaction. Last, ProSphere supports the Veterans Health Administration Innovation program to improve Veterans safety by providing software patches that manage clinically-important allergy data and make it more accessible to healthcare providers at the point of the care. This ensures safety and tracking is performing at its highest ability.