VistA Automated Testing Suite (VATS)

Vista Automated Testing Suite (VATS) is a Java based automated testing solution designed to perform automated testing within a VistA (MUMPS) database environment. VATS interfaces with VistA via SSH, using JSCH, and processes ASCII and ANSI commands which allows the user to perform any tests normally conducted via terminal emulation.

Designed for both functional analysts and developers, and can be used to perform Unit/Developer Testing (UT), Component Integration and System Testing (CIST), Functional Testing (FT) and Regression Testing (RT). Developed with the idea of making testing of VistA easy, automated and repeatable, through its easily configurable platform, and use of XML, using XStream, and CSV scripting and reporting.

VistA Automated Testing Suite (VATS)

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Developed in Java for High Portability

  • Platform independent and usable on any operating system that supports Java (Windows, iOS, Linux)

Extensible and Configurable

  • Configurable Vista database connection information (server, login, access/verify)
  • Configurable test execution evaluation timings (minimum time before evaluating server response and maximum time to wait for proper response)
  • Configurable script locations (input and output)
  • Configurable auto save time
  • Configurable tester information

Designed with Multi-Threading

  • Provides fast processing of input scripts, output files and reports
  • Provides support for multiple simultaneous test executions
  • Provides support to create/edit scripts even while executing tests in background

Reports on Test Execution

  • Generates test execution log with an entry for each test script executed by their test type
  • Generates test execution results with details about execution and identifies passing and failing test steps
  • Generates a RAW output log file which provides the exact input and output communicated with Vista during test execution
  • Generates exception and info logs for tracing potential issues such as Vista database connection and login failures

XML Script Centric

  • XML used to generate test scripts, but also allows non-executable CSV export
  • XML test scripts used for test execution
  • XML format allows import of test scripts to IBM Rational Quality Manager

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